Review Chat Scope

1. Product Inquiry

These are the questions and concerns about all the products either after ordering or before ordering.

4. Delivery Concerns

The customers following up for product delivery.

2. Returns and Replacements

Complaints about damaged items, received an incorrect item, the customer ordered an incorrect item and those queries about packaging.

5. Missing Items

Customer’s query about receiving an incomplete parcel and tracking the missing items from the order.

3. Cancellation of Purchase and Refund

For the unsatisfied customer, the products didn’t work, customer requested for a refund and the customer wishes to cancel the current purchase to order a new set of order.

6. System Glitch

Issues about the orders that did not go through, the website is down and showing different packages along with the prices. Discount codes did not work and the items purchased are not showing up on the customer’s end.

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