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In 100-200 words , please describe your career so far , and your future ambitions.

I ________ been hit by a car, but luckily I just managed to get out of the way
The film ________ by Mehreen Jabbar.
She ________ in a small house near the park
I'd love to ________ in the 19th Century
That smells good! What ________
This house is ________, but also ________
Where ________ he work?
________ spent time abroad when I was a student, I found it easier to get used to ________ in another country
That wasn't a good idea - you ________ thought about it more carefully
I ________ like getting up early
- Let's go to the cinema.- Great idea! What film ________ we watch?
It was the first time he ________ anything so spicy
She ________ have short hair, but now it's long
I ________ to Germany last year
I'm busy on Friday, so I ________ come
How long have they ________ there?
He ________ ever works as ________ as he should
This time tomorrow, I ______ on the beach.
When you phoned, I _____ in the garage.
I ______ all my childhood in Lahore.
When we were children we ______our own toys
I _______ the bell six times but no one opened the door
Don't make so much noise. Ahmed _____ to study for her exams!
How many students in your class _____ from Korea?
Babies _____ when they are hungry.
I think I _____ a new calculator. This one does not work properly any more.
Sorry, you can't borrow my pencil. I _____ it myself.
____for my pen. Have you seen it?

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